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Assam Association Bangalore is a registered, not for profit, social, cultural and community welfare organization, representing the people of Assam in Bengaluru, Karnataka. People of Assam constitute a sizeable and significant proportion in Bangalore today and can be primarily classified into 3-broad categories of Skilled, Semi-Skilled and Students. The ‘skilled’ category of people are the working professionals like techies, doctors, teachers, engineers and businessmen; the semi-skilled category is usually constituted by people working in hotels & restaurants, security service agencies and in beauty parlors. Finally, the students constitute the last category wherein a large volume of students come to Bengaluru every year for completing their graduation as well as masters / professional courses. Majority of such students later on fall in the Skilled Category after getting into a job after completion of studies.

Assam Association Bangalore is the nodal organization which binds and unites the entire community present in Bengaluru together through various social, cultural and community welfare activities and initiatives throughout the year. The association takes great pride in creating initiatives which showcases the rich, varied and proud cultural legacy and heritage of Assam and in the process create a bridge of respect, harmony and bonhomie between the people of Assam and Karnataka by drawing similarities and parallels. Blessed with a wonderful climate and weather, today Bengaluru has become home to many Assamese families who have permanently settled down in this lovely garden city which is a wonderful positive affirmation of the friendly and welcoming nature of the city and its local population.


To contribute consistently and constructively at all times towards the development of both the city and the community in Bangalore via social, cultural and community activities and initiatives.


To provide a safe, goal and value based platform for the people of the community to share, learn and mingle together thereby creating a relevant and relatable social fabric for the entire diaspora.


Achieve the stated vision and mission of the organization by following and practicing the ideology ‘Of Assam’, ‘By Assam’ and ‘For Assam’ incorporating the core values of:-

  • Assam First Approach
  • Preserving of Ethnicity
  • Showcasing of Cultural Heritage
  • Promoting Sociocultural Exchanges
  • Representing Assam & the Community in Bengaluru Honestly & Honorably